Live Report (English version) - Le Grand Incendie (Truckfighters, Glowsun, We Hunt Buffalo,Witchrider, Montecharge) | Lyon 2016

17.30, I’m waking up with a blurred mind to realize it’s nearly the time for the festival ‘Le Grand Incendie’

Within a second I’m off to Bron the concert’s venue: the Jack Jack
With deception, I realize I arrived too late for the Lyon folks of Montcharge. These dudes are making such a powerful and quality stoner, but if you don’t trust me here it’s a sample for you to decide

Just arrived in Lyon, Glowsun are running to the stage. Some tasty stoner doom with a psych spice, we understand why these guys are the bosses of the French stoner scene. The titles move fast, bringing the crowd higher and higher in a catharsis state the great OM would not deny it.

Witchrider arrives. I have to admit I was not familiar with this band and they surprised me. The Austrians are making stoner with a strong garage rock influence or garage rock with a stoner influence, it’s up to you. The band has a strong presence on stage, you can tell they have fun all together by watching the gesture of raising ecoplastic beers screaming ‘ yeah man !!’ alone with the crowd.

The band I was expecting and the one I was seeing  for the first time in France was at last coming on stage: We Hunt Buffalo. First and main point the singer is coming with a Greenleaf shirt: good point!What to say apart the conquered crowd with the powerful strikes of Brandon Carter, the showman bass play of Brendan Simpson, or the control singing of Ryan Forsythe. Magical ! Let’s not forget the encore of the set with a good old  Kyuss song (‘Thumb’ if I’m not mistaken).

Everything was set up for Truckfighters . The first thing that surprised me was the size of the pedals set of Dango, well furnished. Truckfighters, if it is mostly a matter of Ozo and Dango, the difference on stage between them two is crazy enoughWhere Dango is jumping, spinning, dancing in every way possible Ozo will cheer the crowd or his drummer to give his best. Two different schools. The set starts with Mind Control then Atomic. To notice the coolness of Dango, he asks to a kid in the crow to finish his solo by asking him to hit the cords. The concert runs so fast, the Swedish are transporting the crowd and left us wondering where we are once the show is over. 
Personally, I would like to thank the guys of l’Oeil de Néron for this first edition, bringing a high quality festival that we hope this edition will have a little sister for next year!!